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Meet the Team





Meet The Mcglone dental care Team

McGlone Dental Care, Denver Colorado



Marisol – Dental Assistant

Marisol originally came on board originally as our intern and not only loved working here, but we loved her work ethic and offered her a full time dental assistant position in February of 2016.  She has been here ever since and continues to grow with us.  Marisol is also going to college to obtain her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.  Marisol is your dental assistant but she does so much more that you don't see, from setting up the operatory's for each patient to working in the lab making beautiful smiles and helping with front office duties. 


Marisol comes from California. She moved to Colorado to go to dental school and is planning on making Colorado her full time home.  Marisol loves to go to the movies, do her friend's makeup, arts and crafts, read and is trying to learn how to play the piano.  



Meg- Office & Marketing Manager

Meg is our Office, Marketing Manager and Esthetician.  She handles all things front office, to include setting appointments, updating patient information, billing insurance and all of our marketing efforts.  On top of that, she is also a licensed Esthetician and has a skin care room on site where she performs facials, facial waxing, eyebrow and eye lash tinting and more. 


Meg's background is in high tech marketing and she's excited to help expand McGlone Dental Care as we grow.  She's quick with a smile and a friendly hello.  Meg enjoys spending time with her husband Steve, their cat Neelix, and an extended circle of friends here in Denver.  Meg & Steve travel whenever they can and love road trips, live music and living in Colorado.




Michelle Stefun, LMT

Michelle's philosophy is simple..."'Massage' means many things to many people. Some massage is comparable to getting your nails done---full of treatments and pampering. Some forms mimic physical therapy involving a significant amount of pain and effort on your part. And others are basically your daily rub-down of moisturizer---honestly, your toddler could do that. There's nothing wrong with these forms of massage, but I've chosen a starkly different course for my work. I am, first and foremost, a healer. Patients get my full attention in each session. I've found that the body heals best in a state of rest. Therefore, my work is a blend of medical treatment and relaxation. 


Similar to the human body, trees require a degree of flexibility and balance. They are flexible enough not to snap with every wind gust. Their branches spread over them for balance. And finally, trees pour back into their environment. They provide oxygen, habitats for wildlife, and food for many. In the same way, massage therapy should enable you to be more active in your world---whatever that world looks like.


I make no claims to 'fix' anything yet I've seen this treatment provide dramatic improvement for my patients. I am a facilitator to each individual's journey toward healing."




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