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We provide dental and skin care services
for English and Spanish Speakers. Se' Habla Espanol.

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Payment options

McGlone Dental Care Patient Information


Our friendly McGlone Dental Care staff is always willing to discuss our payment plans and insurance policies.


We try to make our payment process as painless as our dental care.




Payment options

McGlone Dental Care, Denver Colorado


    We are happy to set up a payment plan for anyone who doesn't have dental insurance, or if your procedure isn't covered by insurance. 


    We also offer an hourly rate for those who don't have insurance or need to have more expensive or time consuming dental work done.  We will charge you an hourly fee plus any lab fees that we incur (for crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures & onlays).  Lab fees need to be paid as soon as we incur those charges.   The hourly fee can be paid on a payment plan once it's set up.  In addition we also take Visa, Mastercard, & American Express. We try to make our payment process as painless as our dental care!





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