Fall Dental Tips for You and Your Family

McGlone Dental CareSummer is coming to an end (regrettably). The days are getting shorter, cooler and we’re looking forward to all things pumpkin!

For you to maintain optimum oral health in the coming cooler months, we thought we’d give you a few fall-friendly oral health tips that will hopefully help you plan your oral health care for this fall and winter with ease.

1. Cooler weather could indicate teeth issues

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth when it starts to get cooler out?  Many people do.  This could be your body’s way of signaling that there may be damage to your teeth or gums.  Cold sensitivity could mean several things including; gum shrinkage, thin enamel or tooth bruising, or cracked teeth.  If you are experiencing sensitive teeth this fall for more than three days, please call our office so that we can evaluate the problem and give you relief.

2. Halloween is coming! Manage your children’s candy consumption

Your children probably look forward to Halloween all year, but it’s important that you manage how much candy they consume from their trick or treating outings so that the candy they eat now doesn’t damage their teeth for the long haul.  One tip to help you manage this is to only allow them to have candy at meal times.  The saliva they produce after eating at meal times will help rinse the mouth and alleviate the mouth of any cavity-causing bacteria.

3. Schedule your end of year appointments now!

If your insurance allows you to have two exams and two cleanings per year, go ahead and schedule your last exam/cleaning appointment for the end of the year.  We can look up when the last time you were in and make sure that we schedule your next cleaning in conjunction with what your insurance will pay for.  Life gets super busy as it gets closer to the end of the year, so take a few minutes now to call us and let us help you get your cleaning appointments for you and your family pre-scheduled. It will be one less thing you have to think about as the year nears its end.

We hope these tips will help you have a fun fall and enjoy all of your kid’s Halloween treats in moderation. 

What Does Soda Do to Your Teeth?

If you’re like about one-half of the American population, you drink at least one sugary drink on a daily basis — and there’s a good chance it’s soda. Drinking high-sugar soft drinks is most commonly associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain. But sodas can also have ill effects on your smile, potentially leading to cavities and even visible tooth decay. 

Teenage Life

Men are more likely to drink soda and sugary drinks. Teenage boys drink the most and get about 273 calories from them per day. That number only falls to 252 calories in their 20s and 30s.

How Soft Drinks Hurt Your Teeth

When you drink soda, the sugars within interact with bacteria in your mouth to form acid. This acid attacks your teeth. Both regular and sugar-free sodas also contain their own acids, and these attack the teeth too. With each swig of soda, you’re starting a damaging reaction that lasts for about 20 minutes. If you sip all day, your teeth are under constant attack. 

Erosion and Cavities

There are two main dental effects of drinking soda: erosion and cavities.

Erosion begins when the acids in soft drinks encounter the tooth enamel, which is the outermost protective layer on your teeth. Their effect is to reduce the surface hardness of the enamel.

While sports drinks and fruit juices can also damage enamel, they stop there. 

Soft drinks, on the other hand, can also affect the next layer, dentin, and even composite fillings. This damage to your tooth enamel can invite cavities. Cavities, or caries, develop over time in people who drink soft drinks regularly. When combined with poor oral hygiene, the results can be disastrous.

Mountain Dew Mouth

Perhaps one of the most extreme examples of the dental effects of soft drink consumption is known as “Mountain Dew Mouth,” a phenomenon most common in Central Appalachia. This condition is caused by very high consumption of soft drinks, including its namesake, Mountain Dew.

Those who suffer from it experience visible tooth decay, as acids from the soda essentially eat away the enamel to leave behind disturbing results.

Learn more about “Mountain Dew Mouth” »

Unfortunately, children are most at risk for suffering the teeth-damaging effects of soft drinks, as their vulnerable enamel is not fully developed.

*Information courtesy of  www.healthline.com

Coming Soon to the Rosedale Neighborhood – A new Dental Practice!

Coming soon:  McGlone Dental Care in the Rosedale neighborhood

by Meg Benjamin

We are eager to move into our new building in the Rosedale neighborhood. The building is located at 2100 S. Lincoln Street.  It is currently being remodeled.  We are anxiously anticipating the project be complete by April or May of this year. Dr. Greg McGlone has done most of the demo himself,  except for the exterior paint on the building.  Dr. McGlone and his fiance, Maria, planned and planted most of the external landscaping during the fall of last year.  The yard and exterior of the building turned out great. It will be a pleasant place to sit in the garden area while you wait for your appointment to being.  When the weather is nice, of course.  There will be a bike rack to lock your bicycle to if you like to ride your bike around the neighborhood, weather permitting, of course.

We’ve had to be patient.  Getting the building & construction permits have taken longer than we hoped.  We’ve patiently waited for the permits and asbestos test to be completed before the professionals could get in the building to make our vision a reality. The building is being designed to fit into the current neighborhood. We have exposed some of the brick walls and uncovered hardwood floors that will be refinished. The building faces west and has great mountain views from the lobby/reception area. 

The building is being designed to fit into the current neighborhood. It will have exposed brick in the lobby and the patient rooms. The uncovered hardwood floors that will be refinished. The building faces west and has amazing mountain views from the lobby/reception area. 

We plan to have 4 rooms; 3 opatories and 1 skin care and (possible) massage room. Skin care you ask?! I have many talents and being an Esthetician is one of my specialties.  I’m excited to be able to share my love of anything “skin” with our patients. The details are being worked out still.  We plan on offering skin care services to include; many types of facials, facial waxing and, other services to be announced later. It’s an exciting time for McGlone Dental Care as we make plans to expand our business and move to the Rosedale neighborhood.

We will be posting more about the remodel as it progresses. It’s just the beginning of the project now, so stay tuned to see the progress.  We are enthusiastic about moving and having the opportunity to become the Rosedale neighborhood’s “go to dental and skin care practice”.

Introducing Dr. Greg McGlone to Denver

Dr. Greg McGlone moved to Colorado from the Cincinnati area in 2015 and homepage1took over a dental practice in the Galleria Tower Office Building at 720 S. Colorado Blvd.  Since last year, he’s been busy meeting new patients and filling his days doing what he loves…fixing people’s teeth and helping them have the best possible smile they can have.   If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Dr. McGlone yet, he’d love to meet you and say hi.  He’s very personable and has a great demeanor.  He loves what he does.  He’s passionate about dental care and makes having dental work done actually fun.  In fact, every morning when he comes in he says “Are we ready to have some fun today?!” 

Dr. McGlone  purchased a building on the corner of S. Lincoln and Evans Avenue, 1 block North of S. Broadway and has been in demolition mode in his spare time.  A complete remodel will be under way soon at that location.   McGlone Dental Care is hoping to open for business at the second location sometime this fall.  The plan is to have 2 office locations and hire more staff.  Meaning additional availability for our current patients and also allow us to take on new patients and grow our practice gradually.  Keep your eyes open for news about the new building and when our grand opening will be. We’d love to meet you and give you a tour of the new location!