Are you part of the 25% of people that replace their toothbrush every 3 months? Congratulations if you are!!  But if not why not start today!  Go ahead, go to the bathroom, grab that old and familiar faded and frayed bristled brush and TOSS IT OUT!  Okay a little dramatic but really it is important to your Happy & Healthy Smile!

Those frayed bristles can not only damage your gums, but they don’t clean as well as they should.  New bristles are rounded so they do not scrape our gums or the enamel on our teeth.  but as we use our brushes, just from normal wear & tear, the bristle tips wear and become jagged and uneven.  This is when they can begin to scrape and do the damage.   

So, there is potential for damage but obviously they don’t clean as well either.    Grab your brush, take a quick look!  Are your bristles going every direction but straight up?  If so, it is TIME to toss!  Those bent and frayed bristles cannot get between your teeth and up against your gums where all the plaque is thus leaving it behind…doing its dirty work…starting tooth decay and gum disease.

Time for one more reason?  GERMS – BACTERIA – FUNGUS   Now these three words should get your attention and should propel you into action!  Toothbrushes are a breeding ground!  Below we have included a great article about your toothbrush, bacteria and what you can do to win the battle!  Replacing your brush every 3 months is one major step!  With other steps in the interval that can also help keep your brush clean.   

NEWS FLASH – Get a new brush after having the flu, a cold or sore throat!  Don’t re-infect yourself!! Those germs can still be hanging on and around!

Our desire here at McGlone Dental Care encourage you!  It is NEVER to late to start a good dental routine!  It’s a New Year of Happy & Healthy Smiles! Schedule your appointment with us today. We would love to be a part of your journey!

*Information from Colgate.com



Coming Soon to the Rosedale Neighborhood – A new Dental Practice!

Coming soon:  McGlone Dental Care in the Rosedale neighborhood

by Meg Benjamin

We are eager to move into our new building in the Rosedale neighborhood. The building is located at 2100 S. Lincoln Street.  It is currently being remodeled.  We are anxiously anticipating the project be complete by April or May of this year. Dr. Greg McGlone has done most of the demo himself,  except for the exterior paint on the building.  Dr. McGlone and his fiance, Maria, planned and planted most of the external landscaping during the fall of last year.  The yard and exterior of the building turned out great. It will be a pleasant place to sit in the garden area while you wait for your appointment to being.  When the weather is nice, of course.  There will be a bike rack to lock your bicycle to if you like to ride your bike around the neighborhood, weather permitting, of course.

We’ve had to be patient.  Getting the building & construction permits have taken longer than we hoped.  We’ve patiently waited for the permits and asbestos test to be completed before the professionals could get in the building to make our vision a reality. The building is being designed to fit into the current neighborhood. We have exposed some of the brick walls and uncovered hardwood floors that will be refinished. The building faces west and has great mountain views from the lobby/reception area. 

The building is being designed to fit into the current neighborhood. It will have exposed brick in the lobby and the patient rooms. The uncovered hardwood floors that will be refinished. The building faces west and has amazing mountain views from the lobby/reception area. 

We plan to have 4 rooms; 3 opatories and 1 skin care and (possible) massage room. Skin care you ask?! I have many talents and being an Esthetician is one of my specialties.  I’m excited to be able to share my love of anything “skin” with our patients. The details are being worked out still.  We plan on offering skin care services to include; many types of facials, facial waxing and, other services to be announced later. It’s an exciting time for McGlone Dental Care as we make plans to expand our business and move to the Rosedale neighborhood.

We will be posting more about the remodel as it progresses. It’s just the beginning of the project now, so stay tuned to see the progress.  We are enthusiastic about moving and having the opportunity to become the Rosedale neighborhood’s “go to dental and skin care practice”.