4 Surprising Health Conditions Relating to Gum Disease

Strong, healthy gums are not only important for your teeth but also for your health. Our team at McGlone Dental Care in Denver want to share with you 4 surprising health conditions relating to gum disease.

Recent research shows that gum disease can lead to other health problems. This is just another reason why dental health is so critical. Here are four health problems relating to gum disease:


Did you know that people who have severe gum disease are more likely to have a stroke? It’s true. This is due to the harmful inflammatory response, as well as the presence of oral plaque in the blood created by gum disease. Dental check-ups are critical because gum disease is often painless and can go undetected for years until you have bleeding gums and loose teeth.

Coronary Artery Disease

Gum disease causes oral plaque, the same plaque that causes heart attacks, to travel through the bloodstream and increases your risk for coronary artery disease. The stents used to help coronary circulation have a higher risk of failure when you have gum disease. If you have coronary artery disease you should always take antibiotics before dental cleanings and your dentist should be aware of your condition so they can monitor it closely.

Stomach Ulcer

A harmful bacteria called helicobacter pylori causes stomach ulcers. Where it starts and how it spreads has not been pinpointed, but what we do know is that people who have gum disease, with deep, 5 mm or greater pockets between their gums and their teeth, are twice as likely to carry this dangerous bacteria than those with healthy gums. Gum disease not only doubles the chance of getting stomach ulcers, it also increases your risk of developing stomach cancer.


When you have an infection in your mouth, your immune system responds with inflammation. If you have arthritis, the inflammation occurring in your mouth can greatly increase the severity of inflammation around your arthritic joints. There is some research that suggests there may be a connection between gum disease and actually developing rheumatoid arthritis, but this has not been confirmed. 

These 4 surprising health conditions relating to gum disease show just how important it is to manage your oral care with the help of McGlone Dental Care in Denver. It’s not just about having shiny white teeth and minty fresh breath. Ignoring your gums can have serious, even critical effects on your overall health. So, trust your gums to our Doctor McGlone who will help you prevent or eliminate this harmful disease. Contact us today for more information.