Maximize Your Annual Dental Insurance Benefits

This is our favorite time of the year in Colorado.  The temperature is cooler and you can sleep with your windows open.  The leaves are changing colors and are beautiful with gold and red hues.  It also means that year end is fast approaching and benefits will be resetting come January.

That brings us to the point of this post.  It’s a great time to maximize your benefits and make sure that you use your yearly maximum amount allowed according to your plan.  If whatever dental work you need to have done is completed before 12/31/17 and billed on or before that date, that work will be applied to this year’s maximum amount that is allowed according to your plan.  Most insurance plans cover 2 cleanings per year and cover 100% of any preventative work.  You should make sure that you get your full value out of the benefits that you work hard and pay for.

We have openings over the next few months, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you scheduled and take great care of you!