No Dental Insurance? We Have the Solution!

At McGlone Dental Care, the customer always comes first – and we know that many of our friends and neighbors don’t have dental insurance. We also know that not having dental insurance makes dental care decisions more stressful – How much is a filling going to cost? Can I afford getting a new crown?

We understand, and we want to help. For our friends and neighbors who don’t have dental insurance, we are offering a simplified way to think about dental care – and to help make those tough decisions a little easier – a flat fee of $300 per hour for ALL routine dental work, including fillings, crowns, bridges, periodontal deep-cleanings, extractions and complete and partial dentures.

To put it in perspective, we can usually complete 2 to 3 fillings in ONE HOUR, using highly rated materials and careful techniques.

Of course, some procedures simply take more time – crowns, bridges and full or partial dentures require help from an outside lab.  Together, we will choose the appropriate lab and proper material to be used. We will work with you to establish an accurate cost estimate, and the lab fee will be charged with zero mark-up.

Your dental health is as important as any other health decision you make. And we believe it should be available to ALL our friends and neighbors.

Call us today to find out how simple and affordable your dental care can really be – without all the stress and unknowns. We’re here for you and look forward to visiting with you soon.